Are you waiting for a sign?

Aloha 🌈

I write this to you from our new vantage. I am sitting amidst vibrant flora and fauna, gazing out over the Pacific Ocean with a peek of Maui saying hi from across the water. A gentle breeze dances across my face.

Yes, I am in Hawaii. My love and I left Northern California last week in pursuit of that aloha spirit.

COVID is still a thing here, people wear masks, and we are on day 10 of a mandatory 14-day quarantine. Even in paradise, reality exists.

Today, not only am I thinking of my loved ones back in Northern California experiencing eery Martian orange skies, but I also am thinking about decisions.

I hear people say “I’m just waiting for a sign that shows me I’m on the right path.” or “If I could have a sign to tell me what I should do next, then I’ll do that.”

If you’re someone waiting for a sign, then, ~*HERE*~ Here is your sign to affirm what you already know you want. Now, go take action.

Waiting for external validation is training our minds to not trust our own intuition. We’re teaching ourselves to look outside for permission to live the life we want.

If our minds are open and we remember we are deliberate creators, internal guidance abounds. No waiting for signs necessary.

I’ll never forget one of the most pivotal teachings that solidified this concept.

It was a normal Wednesday. I was 21 and working at one of my monotonous jobs in New York City, reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle during my lunch break on the bustling steps of the New York Public Library.

I turned the page and read this:

“Most people treat the present moment as an obstacle they need to overcome. Since the present moment is life itself, this is an insane way to live.”

Since the present moment is life itself, this is an insane way to live… WOW. I couldn’t get those words out of my head.

I moved to that dazzling, sleepless city for a dream of spending my days meeting eccentric characters, acting, planning events, and courting the city that never sleeps. Yet I somehow found myself working jobs I minimally cared about just to pay rent and always waiting for the weekend. I consoled myself with the mantra “after this, then I’ll do that.”

The truth is, there’s never a perfect time for pretty much anything.

Realizing this, I gave myself just enough time to close out my affairs, pack my apartment and move to Thailand in the pursuit of adventure, elephants and ample life lessons.

We can assume the unfulfilling job or relationship or whatever is just the way life is, and wait for the winds of change to blow us in a new direction OR trust ourselves and give ourselves permission to design the life we already know we want – no signs attached.

What I learned is that if we stay open, the Universe is ALWAYS providing us “signs” and they’re something we don’t need to search for, it’s our intuition. Anytime we are quiet enough, we’ll hear a soft voice of inspiration and if we listen, we’ll know. That’s our answer. That’s our sign.

That’s all for now. I’m grateful to everyone single one of you who reads my words. It’s my medicine.

Until next time,

Life mimics art.

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